Estimated Delivery

Our estimated delivery dates are based on several factors, including the destination address, the shipping options you've chosen, and how quickly we can assemble and prepare your items for shipment.  You can calculate delivery estimates by taking the processing time for your order and adding the delivery time based on the shipping method you've chosen.

For example, if you order a shirt, it may need 3-7 business days of processing time and then 13-32 business days of shipping time if you select super saving shipping (10-25 business days)..  Therefore, you can expect to receive it in 10-35 business days. And you can expect to receive it in 10-22 business days if you select expedited shipping (7-15 business days).

Please use the chart below to help gauge how long it will take to receive your order.

(*There is different processing time for different item. You can check the processing time from product page. Once your order is placed, you can check order shipping info from the online order status page. We will also inform you through your registered email.)

Transportation Time

We are pleased to be able to offer international shipping services to the world`s important destination.
Please refer to the table below for details on courier charges and when you can receive the order.

We have two international delivery methods. In order to get orders faster, you can pay more for our expenses, or if you are not in a hurry,  to choose our premium savings option and give you a sepcial discount.



Delivery Time



10-18 Working day

North America(U.S.A) 

13-25   Working day


13-25 Working day

Europe(France,Germany,Belgium,Luxembourg, Nether lands) 

13-25 Working day


10-18 Working day


13-25 Working day

Europe(Finland,Iceland,Switzerland,Czech Republic ,Greece,Austria) 

13-25 Working day


13-25 Working day

North America(Canada and Mexico) 

13-25 Working day

South America(Colombia,Chile,Peru,Argentina,Venezuela,Ecuador, brazil)

13-25 Working day

Asia(South Korea,Japan,Philippines,Vietnam,Thailand,Singapore,Malaysia,India)

13-25 Working day


13-25 Working day

Africa(Egypt,Libya,Morocco,South Africa,Niger,Ghana,Ivory Coast,Togo,Sudan)

13-25 Working day

Oceanica  (New Zealand)


You don`t have to worry about the orders. It usually arrives on time and unless some unpredictable factors( bad weather, etc.) causing delays. Thank you for your coperations.

Chinese Festival Reminder:    During the Chinese holiday,  the National Day of China and the lunar New Year,  services provided by certain suppliers and carriers may be affected. It means that orders placed may be delayed by 7-10 days .

Logistics Monitoring  

    In general, the shipment would be sent out within a week. However, delay in shipment due to insufficient inventory in some items. If you do not receive the tracking number for more than 10 days, please contact us immediately.

    When you receive the tracking number, you can click on the following website for logistics tracking. , Occasionally, the query will fail. This is because the logistics information needs a certain amount of time to update. Please be patient.